11 Jan 2020

Use it or lose it

I'm thinking about moving my bedroom furniture about. I moved into my flat in mid 2018 and I haven't changed the bedroom around at all. In fact, my bedroom is the one room that I haven't really gone to a lot of effort with as I spend the least amount of time in there (shocking I  know).

Truth of the matter is, I have a desk that I like to use when I record my podcast as it puts me in "podcasting guy mode". I have thought a lot about bringing back "Man in a Room" because I miss doing it. I like talking and I want to reengage with that part of my brain. There are different parts to everyone's brain and the bit that I used during the podcast (and to a lesser extent this blog) has been vastly underused and I could possibly be running the risk of losing it. Hell, I find that since I stopped using a keyboard to write, my motor-skills are on the decline as well as writing abillity. They're coming back but it's making me think that perhaps I should get my guitar out before I lose that as well.

All this writing, podcasting stuff is helping me put more structure to my life and I feel optimistic for the first time in a while.

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