16 Jan 2020

Transcending time and space

A good game is a good game. Give an old game to a youngster today and they'll enjoy it. You give them Super Mario World and they'll enjoy it for what it is. Give them Tetris and they'll pick it up quickly and it becomes competitive. Offer my eight year old nephew a game of dominoes and he'll reach for the cribbage board.

It's fascinating how certain pastimes can stand the test of time. Dominoes dates back to the thirteenth century. How mad is that? I wonder if there are things that will stand the test of time from the present day?

Most music with a good rhythm transcends time and also space.

Last year I went to Shambala festival and saw a band called BCUC and their music just gets you moving and feeling stuff. I defy anyone to listen to them and not feel the urge to either tap their foot or sway to their music. Breathtaking stuff.

What it boils down to is humans being humans. There is something inside all of us that we all have in common. It's a common emotion that is hard to put into words. So I won't even try.

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