14 Jan 2020

Thoughts on Karma

I'm in the mood to write so here I am. There is something in the air at the moment and it feels as though I'm finally back in control of my mind and am able to think clearly once again. I was going to write that I feel as though I am finally back in control of the things going on around me but as we all know, we rarely have control of the things around us. I believe that the only thing that we truly have control over is our perception of what is going on and how we react. It's not easy thing nor do I think I'll ever be able to fully be in control of negative thoughts and emotions but that is what makes us human. We're not perfect.

I often think about karma and the like and it's fascinating when you actually give it some thought. Working in a retail environment I deal with my fair share of anger and rudeness from customers. It's difficult but sometimes I try to work out why the person is reacting the way they are, maybe they've just heard some bad news, they're having a bad day or whatever. When anyone is rude to me I always do my best to not take it personally but I make absolute sure that I will not let that person's actions effect the way I treat people afterwards. That's how karma works in my opinion. If someone is rude to me, it could potentially put me in a bad mood which could manifest itself by me being rude to other people, which could then get those people to be in a bad mood. If I stop that negative karma with me, it's gone. The same can be said about being happy and putting people in a good mood. A simple little gesture of happiness or generosity could possibly be passed on to someone who will then in turn pass it on too. It's really interesting. Well it is to me.

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