25 Jan 2020


I have a day off. It's weird because this week has been a week of things happening and feeling like I need to keep my head down and aim for the next pocket of me having time to just relax.

I finished work at nearly 1am last night (or this morning for the pedantic folk out there) and by the time I cycled home and unwound it was about 2.30am. I went to sleep, didn't set an alarm and hoped that my body will just wake me up when I've had enough sleep. Hopefully no later than 10.30am so I got my goal of eight hours of sleep every day. I woke up naturally at 10.20am. Close enough.

Sleep is very important. I've mentioned before that I have been working on getting my sleep to a good place because it's the foundation of good mental health. When I was asked to work late I did think about the work I've put into sorting my crazy sleeping pattern out but I knew that one night should be ok, although I've got to work early tomorrow morning too. It's not a crazy sleep pattern by any stretch of the imagination nor is it the worst I've had to deal with. When I worked nights one week I did nights, then I did days, then I did some nights, then a few days then more nights. I didn't know what day it was or where the Hell I was working and it was dreadful. This is just a little temporary blip that can be sorted with a few tweaks to my sleep pattern.

Wow this turned into a strange post about nothing important. Welcome to filler.

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