12 Jan 2020

Shuffling stuff around

Well I spoke about it and I've done it. I got off my arse today and moved my flat around. It's taken me the whole day but I just kept thinking to myself that I will love it when it's done and I really really do. From my personal experience I've found that when my brain starts to feel healthy again I move my furniture about. It was about time to be fair. My bedroom is now tidy, even my closet which is insane. I've moved my bookcase, my bluray collection (no longer hidden away in my bedroom, now on the landing for easier access.). I now have proper access to my desk. I can now sit up my desk and write, record podcasts, whatever I want I and I am excited by it. It's amusing how simple things like that can be exciting.

My evening ahead is an evening of (veggie) steak, chips and mushy peas with a (non-alcoholic) Lager. Is it any wonder I'm single when I live a misleadingly boring life? But do you know what? I don't care. I embrace who I am. I make my own mind up about things and live my life in a way that I think is good. I don't upset or offend anyone so what harm?

I need to have a shower. I've not showered in days. Man it's going to be amazing.

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