3 Jan 2020

Productivity rewards

A very productive day today. The long "to-do" list of thirteen items that I made this morning has been completed. I pushed through doing it because I know that when it was done, it would feel amazing to sit down and take stock on what I've achieved.

I am doing a lot of things that I used to do years ago. I used to be very creative but other things got in the way and old habits died. My plan is that I know some of it will not stick but as long as a couple of things stick, I'll be happy. I'm back daily meditating since 27th November 2019. I have tried to reconnect to the Buddhist practices that I used to do and it's giving me a sense of calm that I didn't realize I was missing. I've been writing a podcast series that I hope to get out in February but I'm not going to commit to a date just yet, I want it to be ready before launch. Plus I've been doing this blog. I enjoy the act of blogging and since it's probably on it's way out, I figured that I should take it up again (much like podcasting).

I watched a film today. "Star Trek: Insurrection". A friend of mine recommended it to me a while back and I finally got around to it. I quite liked it. I loved how 90s it was and how it ticked all the boxes as to what I would expect Star Trek to be. I might watch more at some point. I am tempted to watch "Back to the Future 2" tonight as celebration of a busy day I'll let you know tomorrow.

Other than that, I've not got much to report.

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