10 Jan 2020

Productivity? More like Product-city!

I've had a productive day. I usually rely upon lists to get myself to have any form of productivity but today I just went for it. In fact, if you ever do stuff that needs to be done but don't have them on your to-do list it is important to add them to them. It gives more weight to what you've done and puts it more into perspective.

I've cleaned and tidied my flat from top to bottom and it feels good to have it done. I'm not a naturally tidy person and I slip down the slippery slope quite quickly if I'm having a bad day. There is stuff that I still need to do but it won't take me that long to do. It's easier to maintain a space rather than having to keep cleaning it whenever you've got a stack of dishes or whatever.

My theory is that if I get all of my jobs out of the way in one swoop, I am more than welcome to be a lazy sod in the evening. It's a fine balance you have to strike up with yourself.

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