13 Jan 2020

Nice cup of fruity tea

There is a lot in my life that I need to whip back into shape. I've let my standards slip so far that it is frustrating. There are certain choices that I made a while back whilst I was in a particularly dark place that still to this day I'm trying to rectify. These aren't bad things, it's just good habits that I saw as pointless and meaningless when I dropped them. I used to be someone who would read a lot, moderate the amount of time I would spend on the internet etc. but now all I seem to do is browse my phone to kill the moments between getting up and going to bed. Slowly killing time as time slowly kills me.

I drink too much tea. Normal tea I mean. I know I'm English and all that but the amount of sugar I'm consuming just through tea is provocative. Every cup of tea I have, I add one spoon of sugar. What the Heck? I have all but stopped drinking my fruit teas. I love fruit tea but I don't drink it very often at the moment. I drank my first cups of fruit tea in ages yesterday and I really enjoyed them. I'm going to make a concerted effort to get back into my fruit teas. It'll at least take a large portion of sugar and caffeine out of my day which is good news.

I'm doing what I can to get my mind to a healthy state and through reducing sugar and caffeine I should be much more clearer of mind. It won't be right away but it'll help in the long run. I've already gotten rid of alcohol from my diet. I quite like non-alcoholic beer. It doesn't make me feel like crap in the morning.

I'm not saying that everyone should do what I'm doing. It's just for me to do and you to read about. You are your own person, you do what makes you feel good.

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