26 Jan 2020

Miss you more than a vegetarian misses bacon

I'm trying to make a White Russian "mocktail". It's supposed to be an alcohol-free version of the White Russian cocktail. My favourite drink. I've given up alcohol because it never really brought me any happiness and honestly, it's just expensive. For White Russian's you need vodka, kahlua and milk (if you're a philistine like me) and that can be a little expensive but the taste is amazing.

Anyway, I'm losing my train of thought here. Basically to make one you basically make a cold coffee with a little choice flavours added, namely vanilla and caramel. The coffee remains bitter and so it should taste pretty much the same. Or at least, I hope so because I will miss White Russians more than I missed bacon when I became a vegetarian (I haven't ever missed bacon for the record).

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