7 Jan 2020

Looking out for future me

Today has been very different to how my days usually go. In fact I can confidently say that the sequence of events that happened today have never all happened in one day before so it's been interesting. I've had breakfast with my nieces and nephew, my sister and parents. went to Yarmouth Library with some rude woman banging on our car window, showed my sister my flat for the first time, went to work where it was freakishly quiet compared to two weeks ago.

I also prepared for my return home from work. I put pyjamas on the radiator, had my travel cup all ready for hot water by the kettle, potatoes all peeled, chopped and ready in a saucepan of water so I can pretty much get tea on as soon as I walk through the door. People like to make fun of organized people but I like to be organized. It's nice to get everything ready so you don't have to worry about things for a period of time. I guess it's because you expend effort you need to do those things when you're in the swing of doing things. I like looking after future me. I know that future me will have his own troubles and worries and so I do what I can now so he doesn't have to worry about stuff so much.

I don't know if that makes any sense but it does to me.


  1. I like your concept of future you ... but remember the present is always a gift