18 Jan 2020

I have more structure to my life.

Since the new year I have tried to get some degree of a structure together in my life and I am now feeling the benefits of it. Structure isn't achievable over night or over the space of a couple of days, it takes a while for it to sink in and today it feels like things have finally clicked. I woke up in a good mood for the first time in what seems like forever.

I used to be a slob. I would let dishes stack up, let my flat become untidy, I completely abandoned my meditation practice and I would just eat shit food that was clearly bad for me. It's not been easy and I've had to be tough on myself but I feel better for it. In fact, not that anyone reads this garbage but I've also managed to write something every day since the beginning of the year. I know it's not even three weeks in but don't piss on my strawberry patch.

Did you want to know the changes I've made? Heck why not.
  1. Bed time and getting up time. I now get enough sleep! (I was on less than seven, now clocking in about eight).
  2. I drink four pints of water a day. (I was on two pints).
  3. Meditation practice in non-negotiable. It happens come rain or shine.
  4. I can't go to bed if there is washing up to be done.
  5. I've introduced a rule of "if it takes less than two minutes, do it".
  6. I write every day. It could be a blog or in my journal. I don't have a rule about writing a blog a day, but so far that's what I have done.
  7. I vary my diet to make sure I've getting a good, healthy selection. (For those of you who don't know, I'm vegetarian.)
  8. No more drinking (not that I drank that much anyway.)
  9. Minimized swearing. It's funnier to swear more sporadically. It adds more of a punch.
I've made a few other changes that I'm not going to go into, but those of you who know me on more of a personal level know what they are

That's it for now. Thanks for reading the longest post I've written on the blog so far. In fact, I'll add this to my "curated links" down the side at some point for easy access.

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