9 Jan 2020

Hello Monster

I saw someone who I thought I saw the back of yesterday and it threw me off. It was surreal and regressed me to a time I now see as distant.

As I've mentioned before, I used to work in a coffee shop which meant that I was at the whim of the local council. All I'm going to say is that they were from Environmental Health and were fully aware the amount of power they can wield. (Environmental Health do spot-checks on local businesses and pulls them apart with a fine tooth-comb and do not have any sort of sense of humour.) Anyway, I thought that I had seen the last of them since I no longer work in a coffee shop...

Imagine my surprise when I'm at work and who bowls up to do a spot-check where I work now?  You've guessed it already. Last time I saw them I was going through one of the toughest times of my life so far and they made it a little bit worse the day they turned up, albeit for an hour. It was weird seeing them. The monster I built up in my head and through the retelling of this story is just another human being. They're just a person. 

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