29 Jan 2020

Bloody updates

I hate technology most of the time. I find that whenever I want to use technology for something there is always something that causes me to never have an easy ride with it.

Recently I decided that I wanted to bring back a podcast I did years ago and for some reason, whenever I want to record, the computer becomes all laggy and the recording process can be laborious and tedious. Basically, I can be recording and the audio will just randomly not record and it causes a "drop out". Basically, a bunch of random silence. It's not good. I know there is another way for me to record but it's not ideal. Still, if I must record like that, I guess I will have to.

I think it's updates. I hate update. They make my laptop unusable until I can get them done.What is frustrating is when I don't have a notification that updates are being installed. They just happen in the background like I won't notice. Really does my head in.

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