4 Jan 2020

Back in whack

Back to work today but it's nice to get back into a real routine again. It's weird how for that couple of weeks over Christmas everything goes out of whack. Christmas was a tough one because of my mental health but it feels as though it's now going back to being healthy again.

I've got some shopping coming in a bit. I've mentioned it before but I hate shopping. Really hate shopping, especially grocery shopping. I don't even like internet grocery shopping. It's just frustrating and it takes time etc. I actually enjoyed it this time because I spent the time making sure I was getting value for money. There's no point in being frivolous. Frivolous purchases down the line don't seem so great when you are living off eggs and beans. There's a few substitutions which I don't mind but also they're not sending me any milk. Buggers.

As I mentioned yesterday I watched "Star Trek: Insurrection". I didn't mind it. I mean, I didn't dislike it. I saw my friend and he seemed pleased that I finally watched it. As I expected, he was going to get me to watch another film. I was correct and he suggested I watch "Star Trek: Nemesis". Star Trek fans are probably already aware that it's considered the worst Star Trek film. I didn't know this until after I watched it the afternoon. No big deal. At least I've got it out the way now. I didn't enjoy it that much, but it was cool seeing a young unknown Tom Hardy.

Everything is washed up, I've got a tea. Life is good.

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