7 Aug 2019

Good at being strict with myself

I am getting good at being strict with myself. I live alone and there are times when it would be a lot easier if I just sat around all day, eating junk food, watching YouTube videos. There has often been piles of washing, washing up and a general untidy atmosphere in my flat. It's because I can be lazy. When I was working full time, my priority was never to be house proud. It was to get back home and do what I can to destress. Since I work part time now, I am getting stricter with myself. There is never washing up before I go to bed, there's never stuff draining on the draining board. The sofas and coffee table are always clear. It's important. I used to have to make the effort if someone was coming over to my house to clear up and hope that when they come over, they don't think that I live in my own filth in a shithole.

It's the same with my meditation practice and trying to keep on top of my mental health.

I was just about to sit and watch a bunch of Monty Python but I realised that I haven't written a blog today. I'm not committing to writing every day but I was to make proper effort in doing it as often as I can.

Sheesh, I haven't even started talking about my day.

Yesterday was my internet switch day. So basically, I've been doing what I can to save money wherever I can and that meant looking into ways of saving money with the services that I use. I was spending £60 a month on my broadband and telephone line. After a very brief shop around I found I could get what I was getting for £20 a month. What the Heck? Yesterday was the day that I changed provider. It didn't go exactly as smoothly as I had hoped when I was left without internet for all last night from about midnight until I left my house this morning at 10am. I wasn't best pleased. Still, it seems to be sorted now.

It was weird going about my morning without the radio on. I listen to a lot of internet radio. I had to vinyl instead. It's a hard life (in case you wanted to know Lou Reed "Transformer" followed up by She Makes War "Brace For Impact")

I went for a drive with my parents too. Ended up in Horstead which is a lovely place. Had a nap in the afternoon because I was shattered. It's a hard life working part time.

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