10 Aug 2019

Existence is existing

Finding myself in a weird limbo at the moment. Stuck between happiness and sadness. It's almost feeling as though it's hard to put a label on it. Labels aren't important in the grand scheme of things but it can help you process what is going on internally as well as to other people.

Things aren't going bad but then they aren't going good either. It's almost as if there's this weird middle ground which is grey, warm and dimly lit. The light turns on or off occasionally and the temperature fluctuates between hot and cold . These states are known to me but it feels as though I'm not experiencing either thing. Existence is existing with peaks and troughs of emotions either way.

It feels almost existential.

Not feeling overly happy or overly sad it's a weird state to be in. Is this what "the middle way" is supposed to feel like?

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