4 Apr 2021


Yesterday I remembered that I have a blog, all paid up and stuff and it just sits dormant. What a Wally.

30 Jan 2020


I'm trying to work out the future of this blog. Truth be told, I've started doing a podcast and I feel as though it would be a good idea to post these daily posts on the podcast page rather than splitting myself over two different projects. It makes sense but I don't know what I will do with this domain name. I bought it ten years in advance for a laugh and I've still got another 4 years of it. I remember thinking to myself that I''ll be nearly 40 when I have to renew it. Madness. I bought it when I was a prolific blogger. Something that is still is inside me but I don't know. I'll work it out.

My computer is still being a pain in the arse. I need to get it sorted.

29 Jan 2020

Bloody updates

I hate technology most of the time. I find that whenever I want to use technology for something there is always something that causes me to never have an easy ride with it.

Recently I decided that I wanted to bring back a podcast I did years ago and for some reason, whenever I want to record, the computer becomes all laggy and the recording process can be laborious and tedious. Basically, I can be recording and the audio will just randomly not record and it causes a "drop out". Basically, a bunch of random silence. It's not good. I know there is another way for me to record but it's not ideal. Still, if I must record like that, I guess I will have to.

I think it's updates. I hate update. They make my laptop unusable until I can get them done.What is frustrating is when I don't have a notification that updates are being installed. They just happen in the background like I won't notice. Really does my head in.

28 Jan 2020

The day that wasn't

I've had one of those days that seem to go really fast and it's gone before you know it. I feel as though I haven't achieved a single thing but I don't feel bad about it. It's hard to explain. I think I work hard in my job and I deserve days where I literally do bugger all.

I feel as though I'm in a good head space though because I'm maintaining the goals that I have set myself and I actually feel good for it.

I do feel a bit mentally exhausted today. I had a weird nights sleep last night with a dream that was so light-hearted and weird that I regret not writing it down. My sleep has been all over the place recently so it's really not that surprising.

27 Jan 2020

Pondering a 'puter

I keep thinking about getting a new laptop of desktop PC. I keep trying to convince myself to save up for one and I also try to convince myself that I don't need one. It's a difficult situation because I want to up my creative output and I feel that the purchase would be an investment but deep down I know that I like limitations in my life and the clunky laptop has held me in good stead for a number of years.

I want to bring back my podcast and would like to improve the production value a little but when the cards are down, for me to run any sort of nice software to produce it, I'll need a better computer. I mean, I've used Audacity for so many years I would feel bad using anything else but I'm missing creating things on the fly. I have to do everything in post production which can lose the flow of what I'm doing. I don't know why I'm telling you this but I am.

I have to ask myself the question that if I was able to create the way I think I want to create, would I? Would it increase the workflow or not? Not having the stuff to create that was hasn't slowed me down so far... Oh I dunno.

26 Jan 2020

Miss you more than a vegetarian misses bacon

I'm trying to make a White Russian "mocktail". It's supposed to be an alcohol-free version of the White Russian cocktail. My favourite drink. I've given up alcohol because it never really brought me any happiness and honestly, it's just expensive. For White Russian's you need vodka, kahlua and milk (if you're a philistine like me) and that can be a little expensive but the taste is amazing.

Anyway, I'm losing my train of thought here. Basically to make one you basically make a cold coffee with a little choice flavours added, namely vanilla and caramel. The coffee remains bitter and so it should taste pretty much the same. Or at least, I hope so because I will miss White Russians more than I missed bacon when I became a vegetarian (I haven't ever missed bacon for the record).

25 Jan 2020


I have a day off. It's weird because this week has been a week of things happening and feeling like I need to keep my head down and aim for the next pocket of me having time to just relax.

I finished work at nearly 1am last night (or this morning for the pedantic folk out there) and by the time I cycled home and unwound it was about 2.30am. I went to sleep, didn't set an alarm and hoped that my body will just wake me up when I've had enough sleep. Hopefully no later than 10.30am so I got my goal of eight hours of sleep every day. I woke up naturally at 10.20am. Close enough.

Sleep is very important. I've mentioned before that I have been working on getting my sleep to a good place because it's the foundation of good mental health. When I was asked to work late I did think about the work I've put into sorting my crazy sleeping pattern out but I knew that one night should be ok, although I've got to work early tomorrow morning too. It's not a crazy sleep pattern by any stretch of the imagination nor is it the worst I've had to deal with. When I worked nights one week I did nights, then I did days, then I did some nights, then a few days then more nights. I didn't know what day it was or where the Hell I was working and it was dreadful. This is just a little temporary blip that can be sorted with a few tweaks to my sleep pattern.

Wow this turned into a strange post about nothing important. Welcome to filler.